Aged Asiago


Aged Asiago, also called “Asiago d’Allevo”, is a traditional product obtained from skimmed milk with an aging period which goes from 3 to 12 months and over. During this time the flavor transforms from sweet into savory and slightly hot. A cheese aged for 6 months is called “Mezzano” while a cheese aged for one year is called “Vecchio”. This hard cheese is made from skimmed milk, with a natural acidity or with the addition of milk enzymes, slightly cooked is salted in a soft pickle. The wheels are cylindrical (diameter 30-36 cm) but not very high (9-12cm) with average weight between 8 and 12 kg. The crust is even and regular.


Whole milk, rennet, milk enzymes, salt


Asiago Stagionato: hard cheese with even pale yeallow paste, irregular small/medium holes and sweet to savory flavor. Fat 34% minimum. 


Asiago Stagionato: 60 days minimum During this period the wheels are turned upside down many times to guarantee a perfect aging.