Our Story

The San Vito Cheese Factory began transforming milk into delicious Asiago cheese back in 1899 in a small building in San Vito Street from which it took its name.

It was the parish priest of Povolaro, a small village 10 km North of Vicenza, that had the idea of beginning a diary business in order to help the families of his town improving their life conditions. The 90 founder families were giving the factory only the milk exceeding their daily needs (in total around 650 liters) and this was providing some extra income to the poor budget of those years.

During the following years the Caseificio (Italian word for Cheese Factory) grew the business (up to 3000 liters per day) to the point that, in 1965, the factory had to be moved to a new building in Redentore Square in Povolaro, where it still stands. In 1979 the Caseificio had part in birth of the Consortium for the protection of Asiago Cheese, whose role is the protection and promotion of the “Asiago DOP” mark (DOP in Italian stands for Protected Destination of Origin). Today the Caseificio transforms daily 25000 liters of milk, but still the process, legacy of the tradition of the territory, remains the same.

In 2004 the Caseificio was certified ISO 9001-2008 and UNI 10939 by the CSQA in Thiene (Traceability in the feed and food chain). During the last years the Caseificio received many rewards for the outstanding quality of its products and the results obtained. Important investments have been made to improve the manufacturing plant up to the highest quality and safety standards.